For 2.5 years old children, but less than 4 years, we offer our baby gym class, from which you can select to participate at least twice a week or up to 6 times a week.
During this session, your child/children will experience fun and exciting time from playing in group games to learning how to listen and follow instructions. We would encourage them to roll on mats, climb obstacles or jump on our baby trampoline. Our main aim here is to develop in your child/children following simple instructions and to develop social skills.

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Children aged 3 years or above without previous gymnastics experience or who have attended our baby gym, we suggest they join our 1-hour foundation level. You can opt to attend at least twice a week or up to 6 times a week. Our target from this level is to introduce your child/children to gymnastics as a sport. We work on developing your child/children strength, flexibility, coordination and self-control in a friendly & fun environment.

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Beginner & Advanced

For children aged above 4 years, who previously practiced gymnastics and based on our coach assessment will be selected to attend our  Beginner or Advanced Levels, which is the lead towards our Competition Level. Our aim in this level to introduce your child/children to different apparatus and level of gymnastics, which will prepare them for the competition level. In this level, we focus on developing body strength and flexibility.

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We understand how challenging gymnastics as a sport is, that’s why we carefully select our competition team. Our Competition Level team or as we like to call Gymnastex Squad Team will be anticipated to join the mandatory weekly sessions, so they can understand their training targets. Gymnastex Squad Team are invited to participate in competitions locally and abroad. Being in the squad requires a lot of commitment not only from the gymnast but their parents equally.
During this session we stress on the innovative training methods across all 4 apparatus for girl and 6 apparatus training for boys.

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